Marc Blackie is an award-winning English photographer and filmmaker, whose short films and images inhabit a world of sexually charged existentialism and have been described as “Jarringly combining eroticism with the uncomfortable and sinister” by the New York Magazine.

His often controversial work is never happier than when poking fun at the ridiculous of the human libido and what passes for our collective sexual imagination and he is as likely to be inspired by the tropes and cliches of Japanese pornography as by the likes of Bataille, Bergman, and Bellmer as well as the long shadow cast by the surrealist movement.

Though mainly concerned now with the short films (his most recent project “Fucking Doesn’t Help” received it’s premiere at Vienna’s Atelier Theatre and went on to win multiple awards including “Best Experimental Film” at Hong Kong’s Third Culture Film festival), he still also works as a photographer in North London, pulling pieces from the depths of the decadent subconscious to smash together, creating something a little awkward, a little cynical and maybe a little arousing from the resulting detritus.

“Brilliant surrealist work which exploits and examines the iconography of eroticism, full of introverted beauty and a vein of very black humour underpinning a variety of sexual hang ups. Exceptional and inspirational.”